Re: How to best cut a large circle

Barry Irby
I second Mark's suggestions. He beat me by minutes.

The sliding table is a nice idea but may be a bit difficult to get into place by yourself.

You could take a piece of plywood about as wide as your bandsaw table front to back that will reach from the column side (left) of the table to a point far enough to the right to support your top. Something about 18" by maybe four feet. Saw into the piece with the left end flush with the left edge of the table until the trailing edge is flush with the front edge of the table. Clamp it firmly into place. Now drill a hole for your pivot 17" from the blade on a line even with the front edge of the teeth. Drill a matching hole in the bottom of your top 17" from one edge, lay your top in place and screw through the hole with a short fat wood screw. At this point the corners should have been lopped off to be sure they don't hit the clamps holding the extended top. Turn on the saw and rotate the top. You should be quite able to smooth up the edges and fair the curve with your hand planes and spoke shaves.

Or set up a table the same height as your BS table and cut it by eye and fair the curves.

You don't really need a plunge router to do this, but this might be a good excuse to buy one. They really do have lots of uses.

Or you could do it with a regular router and just be careful lowering it into the work. Even if you are a little sloppy you can clean it up nicer by shortening the trammel a tiny amount.

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