Re: How to best cut a large circle

Mark Hennebury
You can do it on a pivot point on the bandsaw, it will get you a pretty good finish, not as good as a router but not bad.
You need to make a sliding table on your bandsaw so that you can slide the table with your top into the blade until you get to the stop point. clamp the sliding table and rotate your solid wood top . I can expalin further if you wish.

You can also rough cut by hand on the bandsaw to with 1/16" then finish cut with a regular router on a beam. set to the bit to cut full depth. Make the beam so that you can start the router just outside the cut, then move it into the cut and clamp then rotate around to cut the circle. hang your electric cord overhead so you dont get hung up.

You can also rough cut on the bandsaw and then finish on a belt sander using a pivot to rotate it, not a lot of fun and hard to control.

Router is the best, but with a little imagination there are many ways.

May i suggest that you invest in a plunge router, there are endless advantages.

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