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Barry Irby
I have my lunch box planer set up so the top of it is exactly the same height as my bandsaw so it can serve as an out feed table or auxiliary support. Even with that I would suggest the router method. The problem I have with the bandsaw is getting the cut started. You CAN set the pivot exactly 17" from one edge and start there, but I usually end up with a slight flat there.

Using a router trammel I would cut from the back/bottom side and plunge the router in in steps. Maybe a 1/4" at a time and let the last cut be the lightest. I would make the top very slightly oversize and then move the router inward a 1/32" and make a cleanup cut.

I would use a 1/2" spiral up cut bit or and end mill. I have done it with a 1/4" bit, but it has too much whip. Styrofoam makes a good base to lay the piece on for this. Set it up so you can walk around the piece in a continuous motion if possible.

One of my routers has an edge guide that can be turned into a trammel and it has a micro adjuster on it that makes the final pass easy.

Make your trammel arm sturdy enough the router is not tippy. You will get a cleaner edge. Do not use 1/4" plywood. Use a fairly sturdy pivot point. Walk it all the way around once just as a test. Watch the router cord. You will have plenty to think about and watch once the router starts howling. Plan well, execute smoothly. Pull gently outward on the router as well as advancing it.

No plan survives first contact with reality. (Borrowed that from my Son, the combat veteran, No plan survives first contact with the enemy.)

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