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Keith Newton
Good to hear Thomas. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. I started using Euro hinges back in the mid eighties, and have been pretty happy with them, and very few failures. However Ive always used some of the better brands and stayed away from the cheaper stuff, and was very happy to leave face-frame behind.

Most of the problems I see are where most shops don't want to give up their face frames, which becomes a problem for the mounting plates. Just last week, I replaced all the hinges and drawer slides for some very good friends whole kitchen. They were done with the big box store stuff, and judging from the number of screw holes in the face frames, had been changed a few other times. Those cabinets were a mess. All the doors were barely hanging on. I normally wouldn't take a Job like this, except for them being such good friends, and I have always learned a lot from not just my own mistakes but seeing how others have failed.

I did use Blum soft close, which they liked, but had to stick with the same holes for the door cup, which were too close together because they had gone with the pullout shelves behind wide pairs of doors, and of course if the bottom hinge had been down near the bottom of the door where it should have been, the hinge would have been in the way of the drawer slide on the pull out shelf.

These hinges were designed to mount with screws 1.5" back in the side of the cabinet, not up on the 3/4" edge of a face frame.

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