I'm Coming Unhinged!

Thomas Skaggs, Foothills of Mount Level
I can always count on good questions from my friend Mr. Tindall when I post new work. One of the questions was about the hinges I used for the cabinet I posted last week. The quick answer is that I used Blum 110 degree soft close hinges.

But there was a time in my past where I would shudder to think of using such barbaric contraptions on fine furniture. So here is my hinge journey:

I am a self taught woodworker. But when I started out I started by designing very traditional style furniture. I used butt hinged, H hinges etc. as they were appropriate to the style and designs. But once I transitioned to studio art furniture I felt that butt hinges were distracting and so I changed to more concealed hinges.

I generally used either knife hinges or SOSS hinges. I generally liked the SOSS hinges until over time I started having problems with them. One downside of SOSS is that they are not adjustable. But the worst problem is that I had multiple failures with them. The hinging elements would either get bent or just flat out break. So I stopped using them.

What I hoped for was a discreet adjustable hinge. The problem is that there is no such animal. I stewed about it for quite a while and decided to poll my galleries to see what they thought. Much to my surprise they said they had no problem with euro styled hinges. They said that the customers didn't really care about the looks of the hinges as much as function. Another comment from the galleries was that if the doors needed any adjustment while in the gallery, they could simply do that themselves.

So here I had been worried for nothing. And I have found that for larger doors, patrons actually are impressed by the soft close feature. I am an artist and I hold myself to high standards. But I am also a businessman and if the euro hinges work, then I'm on board.

That said, of course the euro hinges do not work for all things. Small doors etc. are the exceptions where other hinge forms are needed.

Of course if anyone knows of a concealed hinge that is reliable and adjustable, I'm all ears! :-) T.

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