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Ellis Walentine
It's true that it helps to visit our advertisers, but we're not averse to "recurring donations" and other support as well. Advertising only covers a percentage of our annual costs here.

When we started out, I used to run quarterly or semi-annual fund-raisers, similar to the ones that radio stations and magazine websites do. I haven't done that in years. Maybe it's pride, but I tend to shy away from directly asking folks to support the site. But, truth be known, I'd be most pleased if everyone who visits here on a regular basis could chip in a little bit, and our Recurring Donations program makes that easy to do. So, if you like WoodCentral and have a PayPal account (or even if you don't have one), why not consider making a small contribution.

I confess I don't run WoodCentral like a business, otherwise we'd have a lot more bells and whistles and ambitious projects going on -- sales guys, Facebook presence, the whole magilla. It's more of a labor of love for me at this point in my career. But, it's not without cost, in terms of my time and server fees and other expenses. So, as they say, if you like this place, figure out what it is worth to you, and vote with your wallet. Every little bit counts.

Thanks, Neal, for bringing this up, and thanks to you all for your participation in this adventure.

Ellis Walentine, host

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***Thanks, Neal!***
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