Universal (sewing machine) speed control

I have a project where I am winding something with a spindle that I hope to power with a sewing machine motor. The loads will be far lower than the loads imposed by a sewing machine, though I will probably have to step the rpm down mechanically, and that will raise the loads slightly.

There are many motors available on ebay, but almost all of them use 220v. The one motor I found that runs on 110 is about 50% more expensive and runs at half the speed of the 220v motors. These motors all come with a foot pedal variable speed control.

Just out of curiosity, I was wondering whether it is as simple as the fact that the 220v motors would all run fine at 110 volts with the correct plug, and produce half the rpm. Are the pedals just rheostats, and while one looses some performance at lower voltages the motors can tolerate them.

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