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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

"And you bought a cable grab...for?? " I live on a farm and pull fencing. As many teeth as it has for grabbers I hope it works well for fencing. It can not be worse than what I have for the task that slips. It won't break. ;)

"Would it be rude to ask how much the whole lot cost?" It would not be rude but the answer could be misleading without knowledge of condition etc. For example the never used Stanley router plane was only $ 50. But it is missing foot, fence and two cutters. Never-the-less it is fully functional as a router plane as I use one. One of the #4's was unbranded and sold for $5. BUT, it has an adjuster with the same odd thread size as a plane I own that has a broken adjuster. The better sum of the two planes will yield a functional #4 with a dandy handle and sole.

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