Haul from Midwest Tool Collectors meet *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

Missing from picture is a No 8 sole that will become a diamond lapping plate.

Show was in Madison, GA. "Tailgate" sales started at 6AM in parking lot. In the afternoon they moved indoors with more expensive collectables on sale. I got a nice No 3 plane for granddaughter. The No 7 and router plane are for son in law and the No. 4 was in such nice condition I could not resist. Somebody will need it. I was searching for trammels that held a pencil and somehow I would up with 4 sets. I don' t know why I bought the shovel and ax. Maybe to play army? The rasp is some brand USA I never heard of. It is so prickly it will likely cut well. I needed some large dividers and calipers and these Starretts were fairly priced.

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