Tree Cabinet *PIC*

Thomas Skaggs, Foothills of Mount Level
I must say I have been quite fortunate over the years to have really great clients. I just finished this cabinet for one of my favorite ever clients. He found my work on the web and contacted me. He wanted a cabinet that would serve as a focal point for the entryway of his amazing home. The house is a mid century house in St. Louis, designed by architect Bill Bernoudi. Bernoudi was a protege of Frank Lloyd Wright. The client had no specific guidelines. He said he just wanted to have a piece of my work in his home. I can think of no greater compliment and it was quite motivating. The cabinet is curly cherry. The design motif is zebra wood. The turned element and handles are crotch walnut. I will be traveling to deliver this piece this weekend. The only downside is that photographing it now does not quite do it justice. It will look richer when the cherry darkens. Great clients are such a blessing. I have met some really interesting folks too. T.

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