Elem School Woodwork Bench Design?

Don Stephan
Visited a teacher at a montessori elem school this morning who encourages students to make some very basic projects, like a small bench or a pole bean pyramid.

Presently they are working on something like a particle board lunchroom table with fold down metal legs. I suggested some of the benefits of a more rigid workbench and he is very interested. They would likely have to be made using 2x4's and perhaps a 3/4" birch or MDF top (minimal budget). Can anyone point me towards some simple bench designs?

When I first started messing with woodworking after college all I had for a workbench was a long chest of drawers. Somewhere I found an article describing novel ways to hold stuff on the benchtop without a vise, clamps, or hold down. Can anyone point me towards an article or chapter in a book that would describe things like that?

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