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Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
Not worth saving a few bucks to me. I always taught my children one very important lesson about automobiles. I told them to always make sure a car will whoa, with good tires and brakes. A car that won't start or runs poorly won't kill you ~ one with bad brakes or tires can!

I have purchased only Michelin tires for the last 40 or so years. I and my wife drive older vehicles (pay cash for all) and often when the vehicle is replaced the tires have many miles left, but I have never regretted the minor expense for the safety involved.

I recently purchased a used Dodge Van, it is a 2003, one owner garage kept, came with a car cover he said he used when it had to be left outside. (He sold due to purchasing a new Mercedes custom van). It is spotless inside and out with less than 100K mi, I purchased for $5K. He had replaced the tires about 10K before I purchased the van with Cooper, receipt was included with the paperwork he provided for the van. I hate the Cooper tires due to the road noise, and may replace them with Michelin long before they need replacement.

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