Terminology clarification requested

I have been seeing a lot of posts by relatively new woodworkers on the internets these days, which is good. What is a bit confusing however, is their use of terminology to describe their work.

For example, I have come to automatically associate the words "rustic" or "vintage" with the use of pallet or other previously used and most likely abused wood. That is fine. I don't really want pallet wood stuff in my house, but then I cannot see Chippendale stuff fitting in either.

Where I'm really in a quandary is in the use of the terms 'Amish' and 'Farmhouse'. I recently saw a coffee table that was described as Amish and as it turns out, the gentlemen that made the table had obtained the wood from an Amish fellow. The top looked like weathered barn wood, albeit 8/4 planks.

Another piece was a Farmhouse coffee table. This piece was made from planed dimensional lumber. Both pieces were well executed and creditable pieces of work. I am merely trying to keep up with new or modified terminology so that I can determine what folks are talking about.

So, how would you characterize the foregoing furniture styles? Myself, I don't really think that there is an Amish style and that the term 'Amish', aside from being a religious group, is more of a marketing term indicating source and perhaps quality. Farmhouse, for me, is a chunky type of table that was intended for hard work, but which also includes a few nods to more refined furniture styles that were current at the time that the table in question was built.

What are your thoughts?

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