WC Weekend Accomplishments.... *PIC*

Dennis E Peacock
1 Jan 2018

Good Evening Everyone,
I'm glad I didn't type "2017" in the date line above. :)

I finally finished one of the 2 chairs that I've been working on. While the color match is "close"'s not exact. I'm good with that as I'm finding many signs that these chairs have been "uh...repaired" a time or 2 before now. I have one more chair to fix/repair and then I should be done with chairs for a while. I had to turn all 3 pieces for the chair stretchers and parts. They aren't a perfect match but they are "close".

That's it for me, so what did YOU do this New Years Weekend?

Best of weeks to you all!
Dennis Peacock

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WC Weekend Accomplishments.... *PIC*
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Made jerky and summer sausage.
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