Mine uses three belts

John K Jordan
>>>...4 x 24 belt sander....My question is what grit should I have used? And to anyone who has one of the little 1" strip sanders, do you like it and which one do you like? And If not a 1" strip sander, what would you buy?


I have a belt-based knife-sharpener that uses belts. It puts an amazing edge on knives - you can't quite slice through a piece of paper by dropping it on the edge but it's close! A friend of mine carries his to the local gun shows and sharpens knives all day for $4 each. When I sharpen our kitchen knives I have to warn my wife or she will get cut every time.

This uses three 1"x30" belts:

1: coarse 120 grit ceramic metal working belt to grind.
2: fine 600 grit silicon carbide belt to hone.
3: felt belt (with buffing compound added) to strop/polish

There are three different jigs to put different angles on different types of blades (a fillet knife needs a different angle than a hunting knife). The method used insures a consistent sharpening angle and puts a polished micro bevel on the edge. There is no need to use any other stones, hones, or strops.

Without the fine belt and the polished edge the knife may seem extremely sharp as you "saw" through something but a close look at the edge will show it to be very rough. A sharp, polished edge will stay sharp longer and cut as well pushed straight down.

You could sharpen on a standard 1" belt grinder/sander except for two things: One, the speed of the belts on the sharpening machine is quite low compared to a shop abrasive belt machine. Two, it would be very challenging to hold the blades so the angle is consistent throughout the process.

I also have the Work Sharp knife sharpener I bought at Northern Tool.
It uses 80, 220, and 6000 grit belts, 1/2"x12". I liked it at first but after I got the other sharpener I realized it's not in the same class. It is cheap, though, and people who are not too particular seem to like it a lot. I haven't used it for years.



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