Knife sharpening Question, sanding belt?

Barry Irby
A friend asked me to sharp a SS chef's knife. It was very dull and the edge was way too thick. I tried to sharpen it on abrasive paper on glass, but I was too old when I started. Finally pulled out my 4 x 24 belt sander. The finest belt I had was a 150 so I used that and all went fairly well. He was very impressed. I hope he doesn't cut himself.

My question is what grit should I have used? And to anyone who has one of the little 1" strip sanders, do you like it and which one do you like? And If not a 1" strip sander, what would you buy?

PS. I did a lot of work on the knife with abrasive sheets on glass and a Lasky system after I ground the edge thinner on the belt sander.

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