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William Duffield
I use a patternmaker's vise (e.g., an Emmert or a Veritas Tucker), and rotate (not tilt) the jaw 90°. Reference the link at the bottom for more information on patternmaker's vises.

Another bench appliance that will do the job is a planing stop, as illustrated by Roubo in Plate 11, Item "C". These work like a huge dog, nominally 2" square, and extendable to 8 inches or so above the bench top, but also retractable, with a spring, so they can be set flush with the top when not in use. These are sometimes equipped with a metal toothed planing stop set in the top, but the planing stop is not necessary for this function. They are typically positioned a few inches behind the shoulder vise. While planing the front or back edge of a drawer, you can extend the stop to the height of the drawer and clamp it to the side of the drawer.

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