Drawer fitting *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
While few notice the details of how a drawer is built everyone that opens one experiences how smoothly it works. I spare no effort to make them work smoothly, which depends on an accurate fit. The fit on this drawer is still a bit tight.

I begin by building a drawer around a front that has been fitted tightly to its opening. This results in a too tight drawer which must be planed to fit properly. Sides are trivial to plane by hooking the bottomless drawer over a piece of plywood hung over the edge of the bench. I shoot for a drawer to be 1/32" less wide than the opening. I try to cut the height of the sides so they do not need adjustment, a goal not always achieved.

In the case of these arched fronts the sides need to be profiled to the arch opening once the drawer is assembled. Two planes are employed, one set for a coarse cut and the second for a finer cut.

I have never come up with a satisfactory way to hold a drawer for planing the top edge of the side. Does anyone have a suggestion?

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