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Keith Newton
It sounds like a path I took this weekend. While it is a little early for the Fall color change down at the cabin, there is a little change. I've hacked out my own trails through my favorite woods and marshes for my photo safaris. It is surrounded by a Wildlife Management Area, which is being managed to restore Red-cockated Woodpecker habitat that calls for a more open forest with regular burning of the understory like precolonial times. While the trees are all tall pines, the floor is blanked with the yellow of Narrow-leaf Sunflower.

I can still trace the old roadway where it dropped off into the creek bottoms before the highways were built long ago. My 97 year old neighbor grew up near there and I love to dig into his memory bank for local history. Last time we visited, I was asking about road maintenance back when he was a kid. He told me the fellows name who had the mule drawn grader and where he lived, about a mile from my grandparents place. When it was time to grade past any homeplace the owner would need to be there with his team to add to or replace the others. He said when they crossed one farm, then the next farmer would hitch his team on as they crossed his property.

I've found some beech trees with names and dates carved into the bark from ~ 1934 that I can still make out. One couple got married, and the husband dies in the fifties, while the widow lived past 2000. I wish I'd found this tree and tracked her down to interview her. I'll bet she would have remembered the day her boyfriend carved their names, and wondered if she would admit to any romantic stuff that might have ensued. ha

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