Re: I think That I Shall Never See A Tree. .

Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
Here in central Indiana we still have plenty of Squirrel's and birds along with the wind to plant the new trees! It just takes very few years for vacant land to become a dense woods when allowed to revert.

I heated with wood for about 8 years, much of the wood I felled was from a abandoned elevated interurban railway that was between two fields on a farm. There were Sycamore's and Cottonwood's that exceeded 3 foot in diameter at the base ~ the railway had only been abandoned for about 60 ~ 70 years. there were wild Cherry that exceeded 12" in diameter. The area also had ash, elm, locust and some other varieties of trees. The farmer wanted the area cleared as the trees were invading his crops and shading quite an area.

At another area near there was a dense woods, I was cutting across the road when a deputy sheriff stopped and told me his father had farmed the area when he was young but stopped when it flooded out for several years about 40 years ago. It also had some pretty large trees.

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