Re: Hastening dovetail making *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
"Bill, those corners in half blind sockets are more easily and more quickly cleared if you deepen the kerf."

As clearly noted in my original post, not in my hands. In the past few years I have made dozens of half blind drawers, so this statement is based on some experience. This is the one part of drawer making that goes so quickly that I see no room for improvement.

I turn the drawer front vertical in the vice. I choose a chisel wider than the pin is tall. I brace the chisel against my hip and pare away at the remaining pin waste with thrusting cuts. The saw kerf provides a depth mark for the paring. When the pared surface meets the saw kerf surface- done. I'll time one later and if this paring takes more than 10 seconds I will report the longer time. It is the time it takes to make about 5 thrusting cuts. Only the final cut to the kerf line is done with any accuracy.

Once pared the drawer front is already in position for a test fit to the mating side. I press the side onto the pins. If the alignment looks ok I move on. I don't fully seat the joint in a test fit. I tap the parts together just enough to ensure that they will be ok when I go to the final glued assembly.

When your tool, or more commonly a piece of scraper steel, is driven into the kerf, where does the wood go that was once in the kerf. It seems the only place it has to go is to the sides in the form of crushed wood fiber. Crushed wood fiber is not going to provide as favorable a glue surface as a chisel pared surface.

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