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Henry Higginbotham
When my MM16 bandsaw came in, the driver backed up my driveway and unloaded it at the overhead door, onto a makeshift dolly. My neighbor and I started to push it into the shop only to find that either I'd miscalculated how high the dolly could be or the saw was a smidge higher than stated.

The driver appeared to be as interested in the problem as we were, and we finally got it in (don't remember how--been too long) after 15 minutes or so. I thanked him and pulled out my wallet, intending (IIRC) to tip him $40. He sort of held his palms up and said he wasn't allowed to accept any gratuities. He was pretty emphatic about it. Wish I could remember what truck line that was, but as I said, it's been a while.

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