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Hank Knight
My Laguna LT18 Bandsaw was delivered to my home by common carrier. The driver unloaded it and used my hand truck to get it to the outdoor stair landing to my workshop. It was so heavy that it collapsed the wheels on my hand truck. He could see that I was not able to get it down the stairs to my shop by myself, so he stayed to help. We pondered there task for a while. We uncrated the saw, removed the table and the motor to lighten the load, but it was still very heavy. I finally decided to strap a 2X6 to the spine of the saw and try to slide it down the stairs on it's back. It worked like a charm, but it took both of us to control its descent. I was tremendously grateful for his help. I opened my wallet to tip him and all I had was a $20.00 bill, which I gave him. Her thanked me and left. He didn't have to stay and help me; his job was done when he unloaded the saw from his truck. But the saw would probably still sitting on my stair landing without his help. I have regretted many times that I did not tip him more. Two or three times what I gave him might not have been enough to express my gratitude.

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