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Mark Mandell - Gone Round In New Jersey
The driver will have a pallet jack which may or may not be powered.
Is your shop a long way from the street? Is the driveway flat and smooth? Do you have a dolly that the pallet may be transferred to "at the curb"?

Most drivers will give a homeowner a hand with heavy stuff, especially if it's obvious that you can't handle it by yourself; nobody likes to have something expensive merely dropped in the driveway. Whether he (or she) is willing to help will depend on your attitude more than anything else. Act like "you owe it to me to put it in the shop" and you're far more likely to have it sitting at the curb as you watch tail lights of the truck move on down the street.

The driver may offer to help you move the item. In that case, make sure that he/she is helping you rather than you standing there watching the driver do it all; this is hands-on time.

If it's an easy push for the two of you to get it from the curb to the shop, $50 will do nicely.
If it's a tough job, a nice driver may surprise you and back the truck up to your door, especially if the delivery truck is a straight job rather than an articulated rig, $50 works again.

If it's a grunt but you still get the physical help up the driveway, $75-100 is more appropriate.

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