Re: Attaching wooden drawer pulls question

Barry Irby
Thanks Ken.

It took me a few seconds to understand how your idea would work. Because these pull will have two screws. They are horizontal pulls not knobs.

One of my favorite ways to attach a knob is to drill a very shallow counterbore hole in it the will barely accept the head of a round head brass screw and then drill and tap a hole for the shaft of the screw the rest of the way through. Screw in the the screw with a little epoxy on the last of the threads under the head and recess the screw head slightly into the counterbore. Using the shaft of the screw to mount it on the lathe cut away the slotted part of the screw head leaving a polished brass disk in the center of the knob. Then use the brass screw sticking out the back of the knob to mount it on the drawer.

And you are right, it takes about as long to describe it as it does to do it. Thanks again.

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