Re: What is the consensus wisdom on Equifax

John McGaw
Personally, I would not begin to trust them when they say who is and who isn't compromised. There were widespread reports in the tech world of tests of their 'was I hacked' site and inputting total gibberish still returned 'confirmation'. Assume that you were no matter what they say; they've already proven the level of their competence.

What I did was to freeze my credit reports on all four major reporting agencies (Transunion, Experian, Equifax, and Innovis) which cost a total of $7.50 since only Experian seems to be taking advantage of the situation. Of course I won't stop there -- I've always been cautious and watchful and now I'm keeping an even closer eye on things. I have had a credit card number compromised twice now and it is a real PITA to deal with and can only imagine what would happen in a full-out identity theft.

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