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"We might consider differentiating between technique and crutch."

Another diff. is that there are materials or times when there is a lot at stake. The various side benders that people make for guitars are crutches, and worse still they make the process more difficult as it is difficult to know what pattern will yield what result in this case. But it is worth it because (they have been improved) and because sides can cost a grand or more, and are prone to break. Saving just one side is worth the trouble, due to the cost involved. Same thing if you were trying to chisel really highly figured wood, and it might break-out.

Another situation is something like sharpening where over time one may loose the bevel. But one can easily get things back to flat, or hollow ground, with a jig. So using hand skills is low risk, and you can build them, the jig is there when you need it.

It really isn't a mater of a crutch if one intends to, or has mastered "all" the alternatives.


Another approach is Frid's undercutting the whole thing. He was fully confident that one could depend on the glue (ofcourse it depends on which glue). He was an advocate of efficiency since he got paid by the piece.

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