"Time" *PIC*

Alan Young
The last 6 months have been a wild ride-or at least a lot of travel. Starting with Memorial Day Weekend- First of two trips to the UP cabin. 6 hours each way. July- Trip home to North Dakota for family visits. Mid July trip number 2 to UP. End of August- Fly to Seattle for a cruise through Alaska Interior with with my wife and her 86 yr old Mom-Bucket list for her 50th state- then fly to San Francisco to help Daughter and Son-in-law and 5 kids pack all their house and belongs then drive across continent to Dayton OH where he started a new job. whew! This past Sunday even the whole Young Tribe was at our house for the first time in over a year for family dinner. This pictures seemed a great soft reflective ending to a fast 6 months. I call it "Time". My Grandson playing my Son with chess pieces by (me) Grand Dad and Board by my Grand Father ergo Grandson's Great Great Grandfather.

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