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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I haven't done a drawer is several months. I am now on the 4th of this current set of 8 and this one required no adjustment after sawing and initial chiseling. As you suggest, the feedback for doing the first few leads to more reliability (and speed) for subsequent operations. why I do one at a time rather than gang operations- marking, sawing, chiseling. I am now holding the chisel to get it right the first time. The feedback for each drawer caries forward to improve the next, etc.

If past experience is a guide by the time I get to the 8th I will be working efficiently. Saw cuts relative to the scribe line will be spot on and the chisel angles similarly adequate to not require post chiseling adjustment.

That said, I don't strive to a higher standard for dovetailing a drawer than what I see in quality antiques. For me making a drawer is not some personal goal for achievement and perfection. The goal is to hold a drawer together and get on to the next one. If one is perfect it is an accident.

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