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John K Jordan
>>>Do you know where Ed sources his carbide rods? I have made several scraper burnishers, but am always looking for a cheap, reliable source for rods. I don't mind buying them in bulk, eg., 10 or 50 at a time.
I think burnishers work better with ferrules, since the carbide is very short, and there is a lot of lateral pressure, which makes it easy to split out the handle. Are they 6 mm or 1/4" ΓΈ? I prefer Imperial dimensions, because they fit the brass compression nuts I use.

These are from Reed Gray - he bought 100 and has (had?) a bunch extra he was selling for cost - $2 I think. I bought 20 to share with club members. I think they are 3/16". He might have enough for you.

The rods are short but I don't think I need a ferrule. 1, I sunk it tightly into Osage Orange and epoxied it after roughing up part of the rod for the epoxy to stick. It does have sideways forces but the way I use these there is not really much pressure, probably not enough to deform basswood let alone osage. I've been using a rod with a larger diameter and this smaller diameter should take even less force. We'll see!


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