pin nailer, thumbs up *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

I bought a pin nailer from someone leaving woodworking, well, because it was cheap. Regret not owning one as soon as they became available. I nail drawer sides together to mark and cut the dovetails together. I wondered if these tiny pins would hold. I put 4 in. After sawing the tails I was barely able to separate the sides.

The pins have a hot melt adhesive coating which melts and then fuses after the pin is driven. The 0.020" diameter pin then holds times stronger than any shiny brad. It is remarkable. They can be pulled out with pliers only with difficulty.

I have also used this nailer to fasten on trim. The holes are nearly invisible.

The cluster of stuff beside the nailer are the pins after I pulled them out of drawer sides.

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pin nailer, thumbs up *PIC*
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