Oh what a... *PIC*

John K Jordan
... beautiful morning!

It was dark when I went out to feed the horses but changing quickly as I walked up the hill to the house:

The baby peacocks started flying up on the roost this weekend - a milestone!

Rebuilt the starter on one of my old 4-wheelers. Now it starts without pulling the rope! I accidentally waited until the evening of the day my wife went out and bought a new one for her to ride since the electric start on this one didn't work. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

A fellow woodturner came to the shop Saturday for help with turning finials, skew chisel lessons, and sharpening instructions. (And to see the llamas and peacocks!) We spent over six hours in the shop - good fun. I forgot to take a picture.

Finished my third and largest threaded box. These are my first three tries at threading. I found it tricky to figure the dimensions but very easy to thread. Ebony and ebony. No finish, just polished.

Made a handle last night for a carbide burnisher rod I got from the incredible Sir Robo the Hippy. This is for burnishing the burr on turning, hand, and cabinet scrapers. Osage Orange.


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