WC Weekend Accomplishments....

Dennis E Peacock
25 Sep 2017

Good Morning/Evening,
A friend of mine and I are still working on the king sized bed project. The bed, when finished, will go into his home for his wife. It's taking longer than planned due to me teaching him about woodworking as we go. It's all his design with my tips for joinery. It's been tasking for me to teach him because he asks a lot of questions and I have to do a lot of thinking and then explain as clearly as I can. Teaching him the dictionary of woodworking terms as we go slows us down a bit but I feel like my time is well spent in teaching someone younger than me about woodworking. I know that he's ready for this to be done, as well as I, but we are getting closer and the next 2 weeks will tell us how much longer it's going to be. We're only working on this project 2 nights a week, for about 3 hours each time. I'm enjoying the teaching part as well as showing how the machines work and how to cut the wood to the size / length you truly need.

I start oncall duty again this week and I'm not looking forward to that, but it is what it is.

Well, that's it for what did YOU do this past weekend?

Best of weeks to you all.
Dennis Peacock

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