Re: Dovetailing with Lee Valley Saw

William Duffield
Like any other manual skills, performance preferences depend a whole lot on one's prior experiences with other tools used for the same or similar purposes.The same kinds of biases are applied to the aesthetics of the tools.

I like my Veritas saw because it works well, and is comfortable, and had a short learning curve. I do have some problems with it, however;

The curved profile of the matte black composite spine makes it look like the spine has a slight bend, that shifts in horizontal and vertical direction and magnitude as the ambient light on it changes. This is distracting, and I have to keep telling myself to stop checking it for straight, and just keep sawing. If the spine had subtle faceting along its back edge, this optical illusion would go away.

Another problem is mosquitos, which are a much greater annoyance in my shop this summer than in past years. If you can't figure out how that affects a back saw's performance, the answer is DEET. When I get it on my hands, it dissolves the finish on the Veritas saw handle, resulting in a gummy grip, not to mention aesthetic issues.

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