Honeycomb white oak

Don Stephan
Local lumber supplier was counted on for immediate supply of 8/4 white oak to make prototype Frisbee golf turned post. When rough cut to individual lengths, both boards showed honeycomb but had to use anyway to keep prototype on schedule. During turning, experienced some chipout on beads 3/8" wide by 2 3/4" diameter. My usual supplier has sent 8/4 oak w/o honeycomb before and will use them if the proposal accepted. My question is whether white oak that developed honeycomb would be more prone to chipping along medullary rays rays on beads this size. The lathe tools were kept sharp and the beads were shaped with light cuts. If honeycomb ed white oak not more prone to chipping on beads I'll have to make 2nd prototype in cypress. The request is for turned posts that can be left outside unpainted.

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