Chest of Drawers-drawer making *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

I am back on the chest of drawers for son-in-law. I am at the tedious task of making and fitting drawers. Not sure why I began on the larger and hence more difficult one. But, it is done and came together as perfect as I ever get it. Only 1 mm out of square across the diagonals and it fit in the opening snuggly to cure.

A couple of tips. This large case sits on a caster base. Makes maneuvering it handy.

The parts to be drawers are stored in the case where air is accessible to all sides.

I make one drawer at a time and glue it together as soon as the parts are sized and dovetailed. The glued drawer cures in place, out of the way of the next to be made.

I am not crazy about the case proportions. It is built around drawer specifications provided. Someday a top unit will be made to set on this one.

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Chest of Drawers-drawer making *PIC*
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