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I have a couple of them ()

Alan in Little Washington (NC)
I prefer power cords (and extension cords) with molded plugs. I have many 120v and 240v outlets around my shop, but where I had a WW machine with a cord that was too short for its intended fixed or temporary location, I didn't use or "make" an extension. Instead I bought an extension cord of the proper gauge with the correct molded plug, cut off the receptacle and any excess cord, then used it to replace the cord supplied with the machine. The cost was/is usually less than the cost of making an extension cord (like building a car from parts :\ ) especially since you are not buying both a receptacle and plug and I don't need and extension cord. Instead, I have a power cord that is much more durable (with molded in strain relief) than most cords with add-on plugs and receptacles.

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