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Joseph Piotrowski
although i want to sell my table saw(jet contractor), if i ever need a table saw i the future, i want one of these types.

also last night i just cross cut a 24"wide board last night with a handsaw. i think i could have done that with a saw like yours but not my jet contractor saw.

what i fond funny about the table saw is that it is expected to build numerous jigs and buy lots of after market add ons to gain the precision to make it worth the effort to setup.

there are numerous articles on how to setup a tablesaw to do xyz operation. so you need to spend 8 hrs building a jig so you can make 10 mins of cuts and use it twice a year.

i will see in a year or two. but so far 2 projects down and i used a table saw for 1 and hand tools for the other. the table saw was a lifeless un-enjoyable task. sure it was fast to make a small 5 drawer cabinet. no skill was involved but it was fast.

it took me much longer to make a simple open cabinet with hand tools but i enjoyed the heck out of it.

at the end of the day it's personal, almost religious in the tools you use. the table saw strength is high volume cuts and sheet goods. if i'm doing a run of kitchen cabinets, i want speed. if i'm doing an end table. it not worth the cost and real estate it takes up.

to me its luxury and nothing wrong with having it but like you asked, one tool would be the bandsaw for me.

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