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Actually, it is .. :) ()

John in NM
It may well have been what you meant, but it is not what you actually said -- no fault there, I do that myself a lot.

"In my expectation, a predominantly power tool user will seek to make a finish cut off the table saw, which is capable of doing so. Then it is important that the machine cuts precisely, and the finish is the best possible. The search goes on for a saw blade that produces a "glue line" finish. All this is less important to a hand tool orientated woodworker. "

I too joint after ripping on the table saw. I usually aim for 1/32" over and take that off with the jointer. Its a habit I developed in a power tool shop where the sanding department would make a mess of my edges (the exposed ones) if I left them any opportunity to attack them with a sander and some 80 grit paper. Turns out a sharp, well tuned jointer and some 220 paper works so well that I do it all the time still, though it was 20 years ago I worked in that shop.

I sometimes do the same with a #5 plane if there is some reason to use it instead - like I don't have that 1/32" to spare (I know that sounds kinda crazy, but sometimes it happens). With the hand plane I can often skip the paper too, but usually I'm sanding everything and do the edges anyway.

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