not how I work with a table saw
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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
"Then it is important that the machine cuts precisely, and the finish is the best possible".

Rarely am I concerned with the finish from the table saw. The ends of cross cuts are usually hidden in a joint. It is a rare occasion that I don't joint a rip cut on the power jointer. It would not matter a bit if the rip cut was done with band saw or table saw. With a carbide bandsaw blade the rip cuts would be equivalent from either saw.

Hence, it is not rip cuts that would decide table saw vs band saw, it is cross cuts. A band saw is disadvantaged in every way for cross cuts and cross cuts are only inconveniently refined with a shooting board.

The bottom line of the decision is what will be the predominant use of the saw. You can cut curves with a saber saw and indeed that was my "band saw" for years. And you can cross cut with a chop saw if you have room to set one up conveniently. The fact that there are many times more table saws in the world than band saws suggests that most find the table saw more convenient. They are abundantly available used.

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