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Straight line sanding???? ()

Barry Irby
and see if there was something I had missed.

I really don't have much trouble with snake trails or swirls. I did with a belt sander I had fifty years ago when I was in the steep part of the learning curve. As for the swirls, the last one I had was when an errant grit got on the work and I did not see it.

One problem that seems to be creeping up on me is my eyesight. Having to work harder to compensate for it. Been upgrading the lighting. Any suggestions? It seems a really strong point source would be good for detecting those last scratches. Actually, I think the sun is best, but then there is that "night" thing.

Mark, that frame really works? Thought it was a gimmick. I will have to check to see if one is available for mine.

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