What do you do with your shop?

John K Jordan
I think the bottom line is what you do in your shop and the kinds of things you like to make. One person may HAVE to have a table saw; another can function without.

For me personally, I would pick the bandsaw over a big table saw if it came down to one or another. I don't cut up panels often and I can do it another way if needed. I know some people use a vertical panel saw where space is tight. For years I used a portable table saw for my tiny shop - when not in use the legs collapsed and it fit on a shelf. For ripping I carried it out in the driveway. Same with a planer.

A few years ago I built a much larger shop (which is getting crowded!) and have a large cabinet saw although I don't use it often. If it came down to keeping just one, I'd choose the bandsaw. For the way I work!


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