no easy way to say this....but the problem is not
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Straight line sanding???? ()

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
.....lack of sanding equipment but your lack of the right equipment and/or knowledge of how to use it. All ROS sanders in experienced hands do not leave swirly marks. Ditto belt sanders. I don't have any of the problems you describe. I once did but I overcame these issues with the right equipment and experience using it. These machines are the way they are because the way they are is best. There isn't the machine of your dreams because it would be vastly inferior to what there is.

There isn't a short cut to a professional looking finish. My finishes always have a significant component of hand sanding, sometimes all hand sanding, and sometimes belt, ROS and hand. But the better I become at assembling panels the less I use the belt sander.

That said, I regard the belt sander the most difficult tool to learn to use that I have in the shop.

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