Straight line sanding????

Barry Irby
We spend a lot of time and money sanding. We have all kinds of machines. The goal usually is to get the piece flat and scratch free. Sanding with the grain is usually the best way to avoid the appearance of scratches.

Why hasn't somebody come up with a hand held sander that sands in a straight line?

I have several Random Orbital sanders. We all know they will leave curly swirl marks.

I have belt sanders, both portable and stationary. The portable one will leave gouges all over a table top. Snake trails.

I have a Performax and a big brother version from Grizzly with two drums and a 5hp motor. Not good on things like table legs.

A friend has a huge 36" industrial belt sander and a belt sander you can put a table top in and press the belt down on it. Ancient tech. That one comes close except that it is enormous. Must be 8' long and three feet wide.

Anyone tried a Sand Flee or whatever they call it? In that case you have to apply the wood to the tool.

Why isn't there a version of a rectangular ROS that moves in a straight line and does not leave swirls? Or a belt sander with maybe the edges of the belt rolled up to not leave snake trails?

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