Re: A bandsaw as the only stationary saw

Hank Knight
Bill, I feel your pain. My shop is not quite as small as yours, but it's pretty small - 17' X 23'. It is crammed with machinery. I have thought long and hard about what I can do without. Two weeks ago I moved my Excalibur scroll saw into a storage shed to free up some space. I'm thinking seriously about doing the same with my lathe and my Performax sander. My bandsaw has never been part of that equation. Neither has my table saw. If it ever comes to a decision between those two, the bandsaw goes.

I guess it's the way you learn to work. I use the bandsaw for lots of things, including ripping heavy timbers, "quick and dirty" cuts, a little resawing and curves, of course; but it is not my go-to machine. My tablesaw is. It rips and crosscuts with precision, something my bandsaw can't do. I rely on it for its precision. I can work around the things my bandsaw can do that my tasblesaw can't, but not the other way around. If push came to shove, the bandsaw would go.

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