Re: A bandsaw as the only stationary saw

Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
I'm sure you can work with only a band saw. For that matter many homes and all the furniture inside were constructed in the 1800's without any power tools.

However with my current work methods I would find it very difficult to do much work quickly without my table saw. Obviously if you look on the hand tool side they will certainly have techniques to do everything I use my Unisaw for and end up with product just as good or better than I. However I would probably not do any major projects without my table saw.

I have a very good bandsaw, a MM-16, it is powerful, has 16" re-saw capacity and is more capable than I as far as ripping. But I would have a tough time cutting anywhere near as accurately when ripping, and crosscutting is both limited and fairly inaccurate (at least in my hands).

For many years I made projects without a bandsaw, then for several years worked with a 14" Crapsman that had limited capacity and accuracy. In my mind I would rather give up my band saw than my table saw!

The only task I can think of that the bandsaw can do that the cabinet saw can't is saw wide veneer. Granted there are other tasks I use the bandsaw for today, like straightening the first edge of rough sawn lumber prior to joining. But I have done that by attaching a second straight board to the material and running it against the fence of the table saw.

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