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TM Stock
Been a while but seems like MoI goes as the 4th power of the radius, so 0.9mm should be about 10x harder to break than 0.5mm, while the 0.7mm is about 4x harder to break than the 0.5mm. With reinforced leads, the 0.7 is noticeably difficult to break and the 0.9mm is bulletproof in use.

Of the three pictured below, the Pentel Ain Stein leads are the strongest, even in 2B versus HB in the standard Pentel polymer or the Staedtler, but it was tough to find outside of NYC stationary stores in the US until Jet Pens and Amazon started selling them.

Try Jet Pens for the Ain Stein leads in most sizes, as well as the similar Uni/Mitsubishi. Amazon also has some Pentel AS sizes/weights available.

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