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John K Jordan
Hay hook, what is that? :) I do have one, great for pulling off the top of the stack or from too far to reach in the truck bed. I usually push off the trailer to unload, stack on a cart to wheel down the length of my storage building for stacking (8x8x40' shipping container). I stacked 80 on Friday after moving the older hay to the front and 150 yesterday - that little building will hold almost 300 bales.

I'll be 70 before too long - I figure someday when the effort and cost of caring for the animals finally outweighs the entertainment of the animals it is time to sell this place and move. I've thought about moving to the beach but starting to change my mind...

I used to get compressed bales on pallets but that operation closed down last year. That was great: pick up a pallet with forks on the tractor and drive the tractor into the container or barn!


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