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New chair assembled *PIC* ()

John C Lucas
Ii havent made a.continuos arm.Windsor yet. Its on my to do list. Whe i took the class from.Curtiss many many years ago.i remember him saying that the 3 seperate.woods.were.common and thats why the chairs were usually painted. Soft wood for the seat for easy carving. Harder wood for the levs.because it took.good turning details and a good bendable wood for.the slats.and back.rails. sorry for all the periods im forced to use the phone right now and i have fat thumbs. I screwed up on my first chair and made the back spindles too thin. Curtiss wondered if it would hold up. Well i think that chair is 17 hears old or maybe a little older. We use it every day at the kitchen table and its still holding strong. I have 3 factory made Windsors at the same table and they have been reglued many times.

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