What goes around Comes around

Alan Young
I built this Music Stand in 2002 (see Shop Shots 210)

The stand was built for a fund raising auction and was purchased by an Orchestral conductor. Over the years I lost track of this man and never knew where the stand ended up. A year ago I was contacted by the conductor because the stand had incurred some damage and he asked if I could repair it. I gladly took it back to my shop where too many months later I have finally rebuilt the Desk Angle Adjustment Mechanism and refinished the piece.

The original Desk Angle Mechanism design was based on a typical piano design. The changes were made by moving the adjustment bar.

The problem with this design was the lack of a locking mechanism. If the music was in a heavy manuscript there was no counter balance and the Desk would tip forward to the vertical position. So I refitted this stand with an adjustable locking Desk Angle Mechanism.
The new design locks in 4 positions.

1. Vertical or 0 degrees

2. 30 degrees

3. 60 degrees

4. 90 degrees

The vertical height adjustments are made with left and right brass locking pins.

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